The Criminal Law Committee monitors and provides input on criminal law reforms in the ACT. The committee works closely with organisations such as the Justice & Community Safety Directorate and the Australian Federal Police to promote the administration of justice as well as the development and improvement of law throughout the ACT.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on


  • Michael Kukulies-Smith, Kamy Saeedi Law (Chair)
  • Sarah Boxall, Boxall Legal
  • Paul Edmonds, Paul Edmonds & Associates
  • Kate Gunther, KG Criminal Law
  • Charlene Harris, Aulich
  • James Maher, Kamy Saeedi Law
  • Adrian McKenna, Hugo Law Group
  • Sam McLaughlin, Legal Aid ACT
  • Dean Rutherford, Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)

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