Mission Statement

The Law Society exists to:

  • Represent, advance, and defend the interests of an independent legal profession in the ACT.
  • Protect the public interest in the ACT system of justice through the efficient regulation of the profession in accordance with the Legal Profession Act and the Society's Rules for Solicitors.

Strategy: Leading through excellence

Our five strategic focus areas and key strategies for 2021-23:

1. Representation

2. Regulation

We engage in advocacy and collaboration to effectively promote the value of solicitors in the community, establish the Society as the trusted voice of the profession, and promote justice and the rule of law

We maintain high professional standards of legal practice through effective and efficient licensing and complaint handling practices

Build our voice and influence through regular engagement with government and other key stakeholders

Leverage policy advisory committee expertise and experience to support strong and proactive policy positions

Promote the value of the legal profession within the business and wider communities

Invest in making our licensing practices more accessible, effective, and efficient

Apply a continuous improvement approach to our complaints, discipline, and reporting processes

Provide clear guidance that promotes high ethical and practice management standards

3. Education

4. Engagement

We drive professional excellence and build member capability by delivering ongoing high quality professional development to meet the needs of all members

We work to ensure members feel connected with us and each other, and foster engagement with key parts of the community, including vulnerable groups

Deliver high standards of professional development that support excellence in practice and member career development

Ensure members are equipped to face a changing environment

Deliver targeted content and services across all membership segments

Raise awareness of what we have to offer and encourage members to engage with us

Improve the consumer experience and support member capabilities in relation to engaging with vulnerable communities

Maintain and grow relationships with the legal assistance sector and wider community sector to enhance understanding of access to justice needs

5. Futureproofing

We deliver value to members through organisational efficiencies, growth, and supporting our people, and we embrace technological change to support both how we work and the changing needs of the profession

Deliver programs and activities that support member awareness and responsiveness to the changing needs of the profession and clients

Invest in technology that supports efficient and accessible delivery of our services

Ensure organisational capacity through responsible financial management, good governance processes, and appropriate staff resourcing

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