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01 Dec 2020

Capacity Guidelines and Toolkit  

Equipping lawyers with practical resources to assess a client's capacity and make adjustments so clients can give meaningful instructions.

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01 Mar 2021

Discrimination, harassment & bullying  

The ACT Law Society takes a zero-tolerance approach to allegations of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the ACT legal profession.

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Solicitors Conduct Rules  

The Law Society has prepared this Commentary and Guidelines to provide additional guidance to practitioners.

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10 Sep 2018

Costs agreements  

Pro forma Costs Agreement, Conditional Costs Agreement, Costs Disclosure Statement, and Notification of Client's Rights.

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Ethics, standards & confidentiality  

Guidelines and practice notes from our Legal Profession Act & Ethics Committee.

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Family Law  

Guidelines and updates relating to family law issues, representing children, and family violence and sexual assualt cases.

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Property Law  

Guidelines, updates, and forms relating to property law, stamp duty, land tax, and the Contract for Sale.

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Personal Injury  

Guidelines and forms relating to personal injury and motor vehicle accidents.

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Elder Law / Wills & Estates  

Guidelines and updates relating to elder law issues, including wills & estates, and powers of attorney.

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At Court  

Guidelines relating to Court attendance, including wigs and robing, and dealing with self-represented parties.

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Other Guidelines  

All other guidelines, including guidance on disbursements and contested probate matters, pro bono work, and confidentiality.

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All practice forms  

All forms in use by the Law Society.

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