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Trust Account information: Investment Money

Trust money invested on behalf of a client:

  • Is deposited to a general trust account, before being invested.
  • A general trust account receipt is issued—posted to general account cashbook and client ledger.
  • Is then withdrawn from the general trust account and deposited to an interest bearing account in name of [firm] ATF [client].
  • Requires written direction or note from the client to invest.
  • Investment is recorded in a client investment ledger account.
  • Any withdrawal from an investment account should be returned to the general trust account prior to disbursement to the entitled beneficiary.
  • Trust money invested is not usually going to be accessed for a length of time.

Example of investment

P & G Law Firm currently hold $580,000 in their general trust account being a deposit for a conveyancing matter.

The matter has been delayed and is not expected to progress for a number of months.

The client directs P & G Law Firm to invest the money in a term deposit to gain interest during that time.

Investment Register

This Register is used to record every investment of trust money made by a law practice. A register must be kept if the practitioner invests trust money on behalf of a client. (Refer to section 59 of the LPR.)

Information required in the Register:

  • name in which the investment is held;
  • name of the person on whose behalf the investment is made;
  • the person’s address;
  • particulars sufficient to identify the investment;
  • the amount invested;
  • the date the investment was made;
  • particulars sufficient to identify the source of the investment, including, for example:
    • a reference to the relevant trust ledger; and
    • a reference to the written authority to make the investment; and
    • the number of the cheque for the amount to be invested;
    • details of any document evidencing the investment;
    • details of interest received;
    • details of the repayment of the investment and any interest on maturity or otherwise.

This document refers to section 59 of the Legal Profession Regulation 2007 (‘LPR’).

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