The Criminal Law Committee’s role is to stay on top of large volumes of legislative reform in criminal law and attempt to sift through those which are reactive and those that promote positive social change.

Subjects the committee has worked on in the past twelve months include:

  • changes made to possession of cannabis in the ACT and the conflicts with Commonwealth legislation
  • liaising with the courts in relation to changes to court practice
  • reform to the Bail Act 1992 (ACT), in particular those sections which provide for presumptions against bail
  • judge-alone trials during Covid-19 lockdown.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator, Tanya Holt, on


  • Michael Kukulies-Smith (Chair)
  • Sarah Boxall
  • Jane Campbell
  • Paul Edmonds
  • Charlene Harris
  • Taden Kelliher
  • Adrian McKenna
  • Jacob Robertson
  • Todd Trotter
  • Lorana Bartels* (Australian National University)
  • Joel Hiscox* (ACT Director of Public Prosecutions)
  • Amanda Nuttall* (ACT Supreme Court)
  • Ashan Ponniah* (ACT Corrective Services)
  • Jayne Reece* (ACT Magistrates Court)
  • Phillipa Spence* (ACT Drug and Alcohol Court)
  • Imogen Thomas* (Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions)
  • Staff: Tien Pham (Research Officer)
  • Staff: Tanya Holt (Committee Administrator)

* regular guests/representatives

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