Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee is concerned with raising awareness in the profession and local community about mediation and arbitration options in the ACT. The committee aims to further promote ADR as a means of resolving disputes, including mediation and arbitration, and parenting coaching, as well as regularly informing members of events and resources in the ADR area.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Policy and Research Team on


  • Debra Parker (Chair)
  • Kristie Burt
  • Richard Calver
  • Daniella Fiocco
  • Perpetua Kish
  • Aditi Mohindra
  • Kendall Mutton
  • Claire Naidu
  • Vanessa Parkins
  • Robert Routh
  • Anna Wynne
  • Representative (Blackburn Chambers): Graeme Blank
  • Staff: Policy & Research Team

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