Young and early career lawyers

If you are in your first five years of practice, or are 35 years of age or younger, you are considered a ‘young lawyer’.

The ACT Law Society's New Lawyers Committee is dedicated to helping young lawyers navigate the often challenging waters of everyday legal practice. The New Lawyers Committee provides a range of services for lawyers in their first five years of practice.


The committee organises a variety of social functions, so you can meet your colleagues and peers in a relaxed and fun environment. Building relationships with other members of the profession is important. A strong support network will help you enjoy your work, and your time as a lawyer. Being a lawyer is much easier if you have friends who understand what it is like being a lawyer!

You can stay up to date with committee events and information on FacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram.


Throughout the year we provide training programs which count towards your compulsory professional development obligations. This includes seminars that cover issues particularly relevant to new practitioners — teaching you practical skills that you might not have picked up at university.   

We also provide a Practitioner Support List, experienced senior practitioners who volunteer their time to give advice on personal or professional matters which you might not be able to discuss with a colleague or supervising partner. You can contact members of the Practitioner Support List for advice on ethical dilemmas, client relationships, workplace issues (such as communication or workload issues), practice management, work-life balance, or career matters.

For those of you who need to appear at Court, we have developed a Short Matter Protocol applying to Civil Motions/Directions in the ACT Magistrates Court, and Monday and Thursday Civil Directions lists in the ACT Supreme Court.

Next steps

You might like to submit an EOI to join a committee of the Law Society, or consider signing up to participate in the annual Golden Gavel speaking competition. You may also wish to put yourself forward for the prestigious ACT New Lawyer of the Year Award.

The committee is always looking for new ways to increase the professional skills of young lawyers and to further develop good relationships with members of the wider community. If you have a suggestion for a seminar, program, or social event, don’t hesitate to contact the committee by emailing us on

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