Congratulations on your admission, and welcome to the ACT legal profession!


If you are in your first five years of practice, you are considered a ‘new lawyer’. The ACT Law Society's New Lawyers Committee is dedicated to helping early career lawyers navigate the often challenging waters of everyday legal practice. The New Lawyers Committee provides a range of services for lawyers in their first five years of practice.

The Law Society, through its New Lawyers Committe, provides a range of services for young and early career lawyers. These include a range of networking events and a training program. The committee also offers an annual New Lawyers Workshop for recently admitted lawyers, law graduates, and law students close to graduating.

You can stay up to date with committee events and information on FacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram.

Next steps

Being admitted to practise is just the first step in your career as a legal practitioner. Before you can practise as a solicitor in the ACT, you need to be admitted to the legal profession as a lawyer and hold a current practising certificate.

You do not need to be a practising solicitor in order to be a member of the Law Society and enjoy the many benefits we offer.

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