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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Law Society welcomes launch of Capacity Toolkit helping lawyers support clients with disability

Today the ACT Law Society welcomed the launch of the ACT's Capacity Toolkit and Guidelines.

At a formal launch event held at the ACT Legislative Assembly, president of the Law Society Elizabeth Carroll spoke about the utility of the new guidelines to the legal profession in the ACT:

"The ACT Disability Justice Strategy recognises that people with disability face a greater need for legal support than many other people in our society.

"They face a range of barriers that make them more likely to engage with the justice system.

"In light of this, it is critical that lawyers have access to the knowledge, skills, and resources to help their clients – to ensure that their clients are supported through the legal process as best as possible.

"Assessing client capacity is always a complex issue, and this toolkit will serve as an essential resource to help members of our profession understand the needs of clients with disability.

"The toolkit will equip lawyers with information and practical resources to help ensure that people with disability are empowered to engage in legal processes in a way that supports their inherent human rights and dignity.

"The ACT Law Society was pleased to provide input to the Capacity Toolkit and Guidelines. We commend Legal Aid ACT for leading this work, as well as the Public Trustee and Guardian and members of the ACT Disability Justice Reference Group (which includes members of the legal profession) for their input on these important resources."

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