Thursday, 23 July 2020

Law Society reaffirms opposition to anti-consorting laws

The ACT Law Society today reaffirmed its opposition to anti-consorting laws, which were proposed this week by the ACT Liberals. 

"The Society has previously stated its opposition to anti-consorting laws and remains opposed to their implementation in the ACT," said Chris Donohue, President of the ACT Law Society. "Such laws are a disproportionate response to a perceived threat, and are inconsistent with basic human rights principles. This type of law is also open to misuse, and serves to further marginalise vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community.

An independent review commissioned by the ACT Government and released in December last year showed that less than 1% of ACT crimes are associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs, and that the current legislative responses to the issue were in general effective and proportionate. 

Mr Donohoe said, "The ACT's existing laws already provide police with effective tools to fight serious and organised crime. Where anti-consorting laws have been introduced in other jurisdictions, they have proven to be largely ineffective.

"We support the ACT Government's established response in rejecting such laws."