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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Election of Law Society Council for 2021-22

The new Council of the Law Society of the ACT was announced at the Society’s AGM on Thursday 23 September 2021.

ACT Law Society President, Elizabeth Carroll, formally welcomed the new Council members, saying “I’m incredibly pleased to see our new Council reflecting the diversity of the Canberra legal community. For the first time in the Society's history we have a 60/40% gender split, with women now holding nine of the 16 positions on Council.”

The newly-elected members of the Law Society Council are:

  • Susan Platis, Vice President (previously a Councillor) (ACT Government Solicitor)
  • Georgia Briggs, Councillor (Briggs Law)
  • Catherine Coles, Councillor (Parker Coles Curtis)
  • Brice Hamack, Councillor (ACT Government Solicitor)
  • Sarah Milson-Mahy, Councillor (Women's Legal Centre)
  • Lisa Quilty, Councillor (King & Wood Mallesons)
  • Ian Temby, Councillor (Clayton Utz)
  • Amanda Wescombe, Councillor (lawyerbank)

Returning members of Council are:

  • Elizabeth Carroll, President (IP Australia)
  • Farzana Choudhury, Vice President (Canberra Community Law)
  • Mark Tigwell, Treasurer (Bedfords Legal)
  • George Marques, Secretary (HWL Ebsworth Lawyers)
  • Chris Donohue, Immediate Past President (Donohue & Co)
  • Veena Bedekar, Councillor (Maddocks)
  • Tim Dingwall, Councillor (Griffin Legal)
  • Gavin Lee, Councillor (Arthur J Gallagher)

Our 2021-22 Council includes members with experience across all sectors of our membership - private practice in small, medium and large firms, government, corporate in-house, and the community sector.

President Elizabeth Carroll expressed her appreciation and thanks to the outgoing members of Council: Sarah Avery, Rahul Bedi, Annie Haggar, Alan Hill, Kevin Robinson, David Swanson, and Angus Tye.

For short biographies of Council members, please visit the Law Society website.