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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Election of Law Society Council for 2020-21

The new Council of the Law Society of the ACT was announced at the Society’s AGM on Thursday 24 September 2020.

The members of the newly elected Law Society Council are:

  • Elizabeth Carroll, President (IP Australia)
  • Sarah Avery, Vice President (Sarah Avery Legal Practice)
  • Farzana Choudhury, Vice President (Canberra Community Law)
  • George Marques, Secretary (HWL Ebsworth Lawyers)
  • Mark Tigwell, Treasurer (Bedfords Legal)
  • Chris Donohue, Immediate Past President (Donohue & Co)
  • Veena Bedekar, Councillor (Maddocks)
  • Rahul Bedi, Councillor (Maliganis Edwards Johnson)
  • Tim Dingwall, Councillor (Griffin Legal)
  • Annie Haggar, Councillor (Accenture Australia Limited)
  • Alan Hill, Councillor (Nelson & Hill Lawyers)
  • Gavin Lee, Councillor (Arthur J Gallagher)
  • Susan Platis, Councillor (ACT Justice & Community Safety Directorate)
  • Kevin Robinson, Councillor (Robinson + McGuinness Family Law)
  • David Swanson, Councillor (Department of Defence)
  • Angus Tye, Councillor (IP Australia)

Our 2020-21 Council represents the full breadth of our membership, with Councillors from private practice across all firm sizes including sole practitioners, local and federal government, in-house counsel, and community sector lawyers. And for the first time since our formation in 1933, the first three members of our Executive Committee (the President and both Vice Presidents) are women.

At a formal lunch following the AGM, newly-elected President Elizabeth Carroll expressed her appreciation and thanks to the outgoing members of Council, and in particular to Chris Donohue, who is now the Immediate Past President.

Following her welcome, Elizabeth presented the Society’s annual Law Week donation of $5,760 to ACT Wildlife. Handing over the donation to ACT Wildlife Vice President Lindy Butcher, Elizabeth spoke of the Society’s admiration for ACT Wildlife’s work in the Canberra community, particularly their support of overloaded NSW wildlife organisations in the aftermath of the devastating fires early this year.

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