Criminal Law Masterclass Series

The Criminal Law Masterclass Series has been developed by the Law Society's Criminal Law Committee, in concert with the Australian Federal Police Forensics Team, to provide solicitors with insight into issues between the courts, the AFP, and lawyers. 

Experts from the AFP Forensics Team will present a series of seminars to help bridge the gaps of knowledge on topics such as evidence, disclosure requirements to the courts, digital forensics, fingerprints, forensic biology information, and DNA evidence.

Whether you practice in criminal law, or simply have an interest in how forensics interact with the court process, this series will be full of interesting detail and insight, and will greatly assist with future court proceedings. 

The series will contain four presentations in total, with one being held as part of the 2021 Intensive Series. Special pricing will apply if you attend all three non-Intensive sessions of the Criminal Law Masterclass Series. 

If you have any questions about the series, or the special pricing, please contact Carissa Webster on 02 6274 0300. 

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