Not Just a Lawyer: Free ethics podcast

Not Just a Lawyer: Free ethics podcast

Sarah Avery, former President of the ACT Law Society, presents this informative podcast, part of a series you can find at Not Just a Lawyer.

Log in to listen to Sarah's Ethics podcast discussing best practices, being courteous to other members, anti discrimination and misconduct, workplace bullying, and reporting unethical behaviour to the ACT Law Society. In addition, Sarah provides examples of cases lawyers can learn from, including acting under time pressures and financial pressures.

Presenter: Sarah Avery

In 2016, Sarah became the youngest lawyer ever to be elected as President of the ACT Law Society. She has over ten years’ experience practising in the ACT specialising in personal injury claims, other civil issues, and criminal matters. Since being admitted she has been an active representative for the whole of the legal community and brought a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the Presidency.

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