2024 Intensive: Tackling Imposter Syndrome

The 2024 Intensive Conference: Tackling Imposter Syndrome

The Imposter Syndrome is an experience whereby professionals doubt their abilities and fear they are not as competent as others perceive them to be. This experience affects many professionals across various stages of their careers impacting them both personally and professionally.  In this session, Lucy Chapple draws from her recent research into imposter syndrome and her experience as a lawyer to explain the characteristics and drivers of impostor syndrome, shedding light on the common thought patterns and behaviours that contribute to its manifestation. This presentation will provide practical strategies and coping mechanisms to help individuals recognise and manage feelings of self-doubt, fostering a more resilient and confident mindset both individually and in an organisational context.


Lucy Chapple

Provisional Psychologist / Combined PhD / Master of Organisational Psychology Candidate

Lucy is an experienced professional with key interests in promoting employee psychological resilience and developing evidence-based resilience training. Lucy recently completed research on the Imposter Syndrome. Lucy’s research focused on the relationships between the Impostor Syndrome, personality and organisational culture in white-collar employees. Lucy has delivered presentations on this topic to a range of organisations, in which she provides insights for managing and mitigating the experience of impostor phenomenon both individually and in an organisational context.

Prior to her career in psychology, Lucy enjoyed a career as a senior lawyer working in commercial property at a large Australian law firm. This experience helps her to understand the challenges of working in high-performance and demanding roles. Lucy draws on this experience to foster her passion for helping organisations create sustainable, fulfilling and engaging workplaces for their employees to thrive.



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