Use of the Settlements Office

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Use of the Settlements Office

All visitors to the Settlements Office are required to check in for contact-tracing purposes. We recommend visitors use the ACT Government's Check In CBR App as a contactless, secure and convenient way to sign in. QR codes will be displayed at the entry to the Settlements Office for ease of check-in.

Stay away if you don’t need to be here

  • Practitioners are encouraged to use settlement agents where possible to reduce the number of people in the room.
  • Only staff directly involved in the settlements process should be in the Settlements Office. No observers, trainees, or clients should be admitted.

Follow official health advice

  • Awareness posters on hand washing and preventing the spread of disease are on display. More information can be found at

Practise good hygiene

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before entering. There are two bathrooms nearby, both well-stocked with soap and paper towel.
  • While in the Settlements Office, please use the hand sanitiser provided after any exchange of documents or accidental skin-to-skin contact.

Regular cleaning to take place

  • Between meetings, users should disinfect their own tables and arm rests on chairs. To assist the regular cleaner, users must leave their tables clear of debris.

Be mindful of others

  • Remember not to shake hands with your colleagues, and try to mantain a 1.5 metre exclusion zone from others.

Stay away if you’re sick

  • If you, or anyone you are in contact with, are experiencing even mild cold or flu-like symptoms, you should not attend the Settlements Office.