The Young Lawyers Committee seeks to further the interests of early career lawyers in the ACT. The committee meets once a month with a view to facilitating a positive and collegiate young lawyers’ community through social events, CPD seminars, networking events, and a mentor program. The committee enjoys a strong reputation in the legal community for being a very active and engaged committee.

You can contact the Chair of the Young Lawyers Committee directly on, or stay up to date with committee events and information on Facebook or LinkedIn.


  • Alyssa Dunn (Chair)
  • Laura Pierce (Vice Chair)
  • Andrew Chakrabarty (Secretary)
  • Rahul Bedi (Treasurer)
  • Emily Bowler
  • Adrienne Davis
  • Sinead de Sousa
  • Andrew Giddings
  • Adrian Hearne
  • Kahlia Jenkins
  • Angela Li
  • Steven McMahon
  • Rhys Mitchell
  • Sebastian Alonso Marquez Musso
  • Kumu Samarakoon
  • Monica Serci
  • Mariah Tennant
  • Sarah Wetton
  • Mitchell Wright

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