International Lawyers Committee

The International Lawyers Committee represents and supports the interests of lawyers with regard to the practise, knowledge, and understanding of law in the context of an international community. The committee coordinates continuing professional development seminars for members of the Society, and prepares articles on international law topics.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator, Tanya Holt, on


  • Tiru Vallal (Chair)
  • Bechor Aharoni
  • Adrienne Davis
  • Mark Goyne
  • Suzanne Howarth
  • Ilona Krolikowska
  • Debra Parker
  • Barbara Pearson 
  • Jason Solderblom
  • Ravi Kewalram*
  • Dr Imogen Saunders* 
  • Dr Benedict Sheehey*
  • Dr Helen Watchirs OAM*
  • Paul Schofield*

*guest members 

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